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Mushroom days in Karlovac county

Food & wine - Gastro tour


The first descriptions of mushrooms were given by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. In the time of Roman civilization, mushrooms were at a high price so they were called the food of the gods. It is recorded that it was consumed by Caesar, Claudius, Agrippa, and Nero. 

And that is why we invite you, dear guests, mushroom lovers, to Karlovac County on days dedicated to mushrooms. We will walk through the woods, peek under the leaves, admire the colors of autumn, and collect mushrooms in the right way - with a knife. You will be able to exhibit the most beautiful specimens that you will be proud of. Since some mushrooms know how to disguise themselves well, to hide their true reason for existence, it is good to learn something about mushrooms - edible and edible only once. Real connoisseurs and connoisseurs will prepare the lecture. We promised you food for the gods so you will get it. Various dishes with mushrooms as the main ingredient will be cooked and prepared. You will learn some new tricks or try flavors you have not yet met. You will really feel like Roman emperors, but we still ask you not to try to burn Rome.

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