Viewpoint Vinagora and Parish Church of Blessed Virgin Mary

Vidikovac Vinagora

History & Culture - Churches and basilicas

History & Culture - Churches and basilicas


The church is located on the highest hill in the area (elevation 404) and can be approached from two sides. The Vinagora Church is considered by some to be the most unusual and demanding Baroque construction project in Hrvatsko Zagorje. This area belonged to the Ratkaj Velikotabor manor and has been wine-growing since ancient times. Hence his name Vinagora. Already in the 16th century, a statue of Mary stood on the top of the Vinagora hill, which was called the Mother of God of Vinagora. In the break between jobs, the laborers came before him to pray and rest. People from more distant places and from higher classes began to come to pray and worship the Mother of God of Vinagora. Word soon spread of her miraculousness.

Ratkaji built a chapel and placed a statue of the Mother of God in it. Word of the miraculous statue and the new Marian shrine spread far beyond Zagorje, through Styria, Prekomurje, and Zagreb, and the church was named the Church of Mary of the Visitation. The chapels are in the shape of cylindrical towers so that the whole assembly acts as a fortification. Thus it was given the shape of a cross and its present appearance and size.

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