Šibenik area wine tour: meet indigenous varieties

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Food & wine - Wineries / Wine tours and tastings


Šibenik area of Croatia is a home to several indigenous grape varieties that thrive especially well here - Debit, Maraština and Babić stand out in particular. Wines made by local winemakers in Šibenik region are the pride of their families, and the entire region. That is why we will take you to local wineries whose young, talented but established winemakers with new technologies and a passionate approach to winemaking keep the tradition alive - more than ever! We will visit a total of 3 selected wineries. Each of the visits, in addition to wine tasting, includes a strong educational note through the presentation of sommelier or oenologist. Of course, there will also be homemade snacks - from prosciutto, bacon and cheese from the area to locally grown vegetables and homemade bread.


  • Guided tour to Šibenik region - van or car transfer - departure anywhere from Zadar region is at 9:30. We pick you up at the location of your choice.
  • Visit to three different wineries in the area
  • Tasting of minimum of three wines in each winery with strong emphasis on the indigenous varieties of the region
  • Educational presentation by winemakers and wine experts
  • Homemade cured meat, cheese, vegetables and other snacks with every tasting
  • More specific main course in one of the wineries - local, traditional and authentic
  • Arrival to your place in Zadar region is at 18:00

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