Wine, liqueurs and authentic food tasting in Momjan

Authland Croatia

Food & wine - Gastro tour

Food & wine - Gastro tour


When our family prepares San Mauro menus consisting of different authentic Istrian dishes and our wines, liqueurs, olive oil and vinegar - magic happens. On the sunny hills of Momjan, municipality of Buje, at a 350-year-old family estate you will have a chance to try: 3 courses of food that you choose by yourself, lovingly prepared by our mother Dora; 2 of our 40+ liqueurs; 3 of our special wines (our focus is on Muškat Momjanski, Teran and Malvasia); extra virgin olive oil and Alceto Balcanico San Mauro - vinegar produced by the old family recipe. You can even choose whether you want your menu to contain famous Istrian truffles or not!


  • Tasting of 2 liqueurs
  • Appetizer with 1 wine included
  • Main dish with 1 wine included
  • Dessert with 1 wine included
  • Extra virgin olive oil tasting
  • Balsamic vinegar tasting
  • Truffles (by choice, depending on the offer you choose)

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