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Fishing on lakes and rivers of Central Podravina

Ribolov Središna Podravina

Nature & outdoor - Fishing

Nature & outdoor - Fishing


Only a few areas in Croatia have as many fishing spots as Central Podravina, which is extremely rich in water surfaces. These are the Mura river, the river Drava, their tributaries, lakes, ponds...

The largest fishing water is the Drava River, followed by the Mura River and the artificial lakes Šoderica and Čingi Lingi, which were created by the exploitation of gravel. One of the most popular destinations for fishermen is the old tributary of the Drava River - Lake Ješkovo.

These waters are rich in freshwater fish species, such as catfish, carp, pike, perch, bass, golden and red carp, grass carp, smelt, boletus, hedgehog, barbel, trout, juvenile, baboon, bream, silver carp, chub, tench, and another species of white fish. 

Fishing destinations in the area of ​​Central Podravina offer the "Catch & release" type of fishing. The most important of them is Jeskovo. All waters offer fishermen peace, tranquility, the sounds of nature, and the occasional mosquito.

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