Matošević Wines: Mystical Malvasia tasting

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Food & wine - Wineries / Wine tours and tastings


When visiting Istria and Matošević Winery, this one is a must do. Istrian Malvasia is indigenous grape variety and it represents the region and its winemaking philosophy in a big way. The best way to learn about it, along with the education from a certified sommelier, is to actually try it. In our winery you can do both. This offer includes tasting of five different Istrian Malvasia styles including one archive wine To keep it simple and not to disturb the depth of flavour that Malvasia offers, as a side snacks you will be able to try grisini and dried fruits. Find out for yourself why we are so proud of it and why it is a legitimate symbol of Istria.


  • Winetasting of 5 wines
  • Lecture on winemaking
  • Winery tour
  • Dried fruits
  • Grisini

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