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Nature & outdoor - Fishing

Nature & outdoor - Fishing


The greatest beauty of the Bedekovčan area is represented by the Bedekovčanska lakes rich in various species of fish. The lakes were created in the period from 1937 to 1950 by excavating clay for the needs of the brick industry. The lakes are up to 5 meters deep, and they are First Lake, Second Lake, Lake Granje, Lake near the Fisherman's House, and Blue Lake, and they are managed by the Sport Fishing Society.

Promenades around the lake, beautiful nature and greenery, the singing of various birds, fishing, a fishing house that offers refreshments, are just some of the reasons why visitors return to Bedekovčina. The popular "Bajeri" is a favorite beach and promenade, but also a venue for numerous events such as the Fair and Exhibition of Zagorje Wines, the music festival "Igrajte nam, mužikaši" and the drama festival "Ljeto na Bajerima".

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