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Swim with sharks, kiss a sea lion and hand-feed, or dive in with, a pod of dolphins at one of Mexico’s premier aquariums. 

Acuario Interactivo, in the heart of Cancun, offers a range of hands-on activities, both inside and out. Located within the popular La Isla shopping center, the aquarium is known for its engaging activities, setting it apart from most traditional aquariums. The Interactive Aquarium of Cancun is an adventure the whole family can enjoy, whether you wish to get wet or not.

Begin your visit at the Interactive Aquarium with a walk through the exhibition tanks. Get up-close with rays, eels, and clownfish as you explore the aquarium’s 13 tanks. Each tank is designed to replicate the natural environments of the species that live within them, and together they hold almost 28,000 gallons (106 cubic meters) of water. See the fish that are unique to the local coral reef, such as the piranha, as well as species from more distant waters.

Continue through the tanks until you reach the contact area. Here, you’ll have a rare opportunity to interact with the animals in a controlled environment. Feed turtles by hand, stroke a giant manta ray and receive a cheeky kiss from the resident sea lion. This is an excellent educational experience, with helpful staff on hand to answer questions.

The Interactive Museum is well known for its shark enclosure. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to get in the water as tiger sharks and bull sharks swim just feet away. Snorkels and masks are provided, but be sure to bring your swimming gear. End your day at the aquarium with a visit to the dolphin pool. A daily dolphin show is offered in the afternoon, and swimming with the creatures is possible for a fee. Be pushed through the water by the playful animals, as you learn about how they live in the wild.

Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium is located in the center of the hotel precinct and can be reached on foot from many hotels and resorts. It is serviced by bus and taxi, and there is some paid parking available in the hotel precinct. The aquarium is open daily, and an admission fee applies. You have to pay extra to dive in with the marine creatures and pre-bookings are recommended.

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