Christmas story - Salajland


Tours & activities - Seasonal attractions

Tours & activities - Seasonal attractions


One look is enough to keep the magic of the Salaj estate forever etched in your memory.

Our fairytale world awaits you with colorful lights and Easter eggs to awaken the child in you, and brings your children a whole new experience of Easter.

With the powerful wheel of the old mill, the sound of the Grabovnica river waterfall, 2000 trees, lakes, bridges, and paths, all decorated with handmade decorations, spend the most beautiful time on the estate that perfectly reflects the sky above you.

The Salaj family began their Christmas story 19 years ago. As a child of poor parents, Mr. Zlatko Salaj was deprived of the Christmas atmosphere as a child, which prompted him to decorate his property with as many lamps as possible during Christmas in order to give his loved ones and himself a special Christmas experience. Every year, an increasing number of lamps are slowly being added, and in 2020, about 5 million was lit! All these years, the Salaj family has invested all their love and extraordinary effort to make their Story as beautiful as possible every year and to exchange the love, respect and joy that illuminate and surround their property in the company of their visitors.

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