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Food & wine - Wineries / Wine tours and tastings


There is no better way to get to know a wine than tasting. Especially when the story about it comes directly from the winemaker. Being one of the few wineries in Zadar region that are located in the city itself, the highlight of our wine story was the opening of a wine tasting room. In its authentic and intimate atmosphere, you can taste fresh and aged wines from indigenous Maraština, Malvasia and Plavina or world-known Merlot, Grenache, Syrah... as well as fig & cherry liqueurs paired with Dalmatian snacks. The charming view of barrique barrels in which the wine is aged completes this unforgettable tailored experience that will ignite your sense of belonging. We offer guided tastings of 3 or 5 wines and 2 liqueurs, and those same premium wines and liqueurs can be bought afterwards.


  • Guided tasting of 3 or 5 wines (depending on the offer)
  • Guided tasting of 1 or 2 liqueurs (depending on the offer)
  • Dalmatian snacks: bacon, šokol (dry-cured spicy ham), cheese, anchovies
  • Possibility to buy our top-quality wines and liqueurs

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