Dalmatian peka in traditional setting of Polača near Zadar

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Food & wine - Gastro tour

Food & wine - Gastro tour


You will be greeted with the welcome aperitif: cherry or grape brandy. The main course consists of chicken, veal and baked potatoes baked under the lid (peka) accompanied by seasonal vegetables and bread. There are 3 drinks per person - you can choose between wines from the family vineyard: Plavina, Maraština-Pošip (both of which are indigenous varieties) and Merlot, Croatian beer, water, juice and lemonade. Depending on the offer chosen, there is also a cold appetizer (consisting of local prosciutto, cheese and bacon) included. It is a unique food and wine experience!


  • Welcome drink - cherry or grape brandy
  • Main course - chicken, veal and potatoes baked under the lid (Dalmatian peka)
  • 3 drinks per person
  • Appetizer - prosciutto, cheese, bacon... (depending on the offer you choose)

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