Eco-trail at Cesarska gora

HPD Cesarska gora

Nature & outdoor - Hiking / Trekking / Trail


The eco-trail through Cesarska gora is located in a protected area of ​​the significant landscape Zelenjak - Risvička and Cesarska gora. It is intended for nature lovers of different ages and interests with the aim of recreation, education, and raising the level of environmental awareness.

The trail is circular and about 4.5 kilometers long. Along the trail, 8 educational boards have been set up to emphasize the value and importance of Cesarska gora and the surrounding area.

Cesarska gora is located north of the town of Klanjec. It stretches from the river Sutla in the west to Cesarska Ves in the east. The highest peak, Japica, reaches 511 m above sea level. Cesarska gora is characterized by a great diversity of habitats that are home to numerous plant and animal species.


*Photos by: Javna ustanova za upravljanje zaštićenim dijelovima prirode Krapinsko-zagorske županije

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