Archeological site Sipčina

Arheološko nalazište Sipčina

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It has been suspected since the early 1960s that the position of Sipćin in Okešinec near Križ is an important archeological site from the Roman period. For years, parts of Roman bricks and ceramics came to the surface by plowing. The findings are dated to the period 1-4. century, and the few building remains were interpreted as a possible roadside station or even a temporary residence of the Roman army.

Despite the fact that this site has been known to the professional public for almost 50 years, archaeological research on a slightly larger scale was started in 2012 by the Department of Land Archeology of the Croatian Restoration Institute.

An area of ​​about 160 m2 was explored, and the results of the research confirmed that it is an extremely interesting ancient site, which could be of great importance for the archaeological profession, but also the local community. As the only researched archeological site in the area of ​​the municipality of Križ, it could contribute to its cultural and tourist offer.

During 2012, the remains of a building were found, probably a Roman villa, which has so far been explored five rooms with preserved traces of brick floors that appear very shallow, sometimes as deep as 20 cm.

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