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Igrajte nam mužikaši

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The festival "Igrajte nam mužikaši" as one of the oldest and most famous Zagorje events, has taken on a regional character and significance because for more than half a century it brings together Zagorje folk and entertainment ensembles and soloists who perform their songs in folk custom and Kajkavian dialect. The festival has so far enriched the music treasury of Krapina-Agora County with more than a thousand songs of traditional Zagorje music. The festival is held on Bedekovčanski Lakes in early June.

Also feel free to visit the fair and exhibition of Zagorje wines that is held at the end of May on the Bedekovčina lakes. The main goal of the two-day event is to gather and organize winemakers to improve and develop winemaking and viticulture, provide expert advice on the processing and marketing of grapes and wine, as well as raising the quality of wine. The event has been held for more than half a century, and is accompanied by a rich cultural and entertainment program.

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