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First Voice of Zagorje

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In the last week of August in the picturesque place - Sveti Križ Začretje, a cultural and entertainment event is held, the central event of which is the Festival of Amateur Singers and Children's Festival "Prvi glas Zagorja", whose beginnings date back to 1968. The festival is one of the most famous music events in Zagorje and northwestern Croatia. Participants come from all over the country and continue their careers in other competitions such as The Voice, Krapina Festival, etc., where they achieve notable results. Radek Brodarec, Barbara Otman, Tomislav Mužek, Tatjana Matejaš - Tajči and Josipa Lončar are just some of the names of the Croatian music scene that began their rise in Sveti Križ Začretje. The first voice of Zagorje was organized in two festival evenings, and represents the end of the week with a series of cultural and sports events, exhibitions and concerts.

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