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"MoslaVina" - Wine Festival

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The end of May in Kutina is reserved for attractive eno gastronomic and entertainment facilities. The Wine Festival presents the greatest Moslavina winemakers, but also their guests from domestic wine regions and neighboring countries. Visitors can enjoy a special program of wine workshops, gastronomic presentations, musical performances and many other activities. The Wine Festival developed from the traditional Exhibition of Croatian Wines and Wines of Original Varieties, and after several locations and concepts became a significant tourist event organized by the Tourist Board of Kutina, Association of Winegrowers and Fruit Growers of Moslavina "Lujo Miklaužić" Kutina and partnership with PO Škrlet.

The event promotes and presents the Moslavina Wine Road, and through evaluation, other Croatian wines. Its content attracts more and more visitors and media interest. The festival, especially by branding the original škrlet variety and affirming Moslavina as a tourist destination, elevates it to the recognizability of the wine region.

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