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Kostel Easter Shooting

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The custom of Easter shooting, from the preparations to the last day of shooting on White Sunday, is part of the original tradition and tradition of the inhabitants of Kostel. The tradition derived from historical circumstances remained deeply rooted in the people of Kostel and in an almost unchanged form, it has survived as such to this day through the manifestation Kostel Easter Shooting.

The event opens on Holy Saturday, and according to the old custom, on Easter itself, the "Morning" Mass is held, with the blessing of food, after which the shots of Kostel guns in honor of Jesus' resurrection are announced. The central Easter ceremony is held at 4 pm, with the "Vespers" Mass. On Easter Monday, the event briefly moves from Kostel to Vinagora on a votive pilgrimage to Our Lady of Vinagora, at one of the most beautiful Zagorje lookouts organized by the Vinagora Parish and Shooting association called "Vinagorska kubura".

On "White Sunday", when the Day of the City of Pregrada is celebrated, the historical unit "Kostelska pištola - Keglević's Kostel Gard" hosts numerous historical units from the Republic of Croatia and beyond. On the same day, the manifestation "Kostel Easter Gunfire" closes with a festive program and shooting near the chapel of St. Stephen in Bregi Kostelski. It was the shooting at St. Steven is the central and most visited event that is not missed by domestic "Kubura" societies or foreign historical units.

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