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Gariglazbijada was first held in 1994, as a musical and entertainment event of a humanitarian nature. Although it soon became part of the tradition of the town of Garešnica, it was not maintained from 2009 to 2014 due to financial difficulties, so a change in the concept was necessary. Therefore, in 2015, for the first time as part of the Gariglazbijada, the Garešnica Fair, Rally of Oldtimer Vehicles and Fišijada and a fish party were held. The following year, interesting content was prepared by various associations and institutions (cultural and artistic program, exhibition of paintings, chess tournament). Gariglazbijada thus gained economic and cultural significance in addition to its former entertainment character, and grew into an economic, cultural and tourist event. Today, this two-day event attracts great interest from exhibitors and participants from all over Croatia (Bjelovar, Novska, Ivanić Grad, Šibenik, Biograd na Moru), especially the cities of friends (Vir, Orašje, Balatonlelle), as well as visitors - locals, visitors from surrounding counties and tourists.

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