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Grapes Picking

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The manifestation "Grape picking" in Pregrada arose from a simple fact: a seasonal job, especially interesting to many - picking or picking grapes - was raised to the level of a celebration celebrating the abundance and associated joy of living in this part of our country. What marks the suburban area are the vineyards arranged on the surrounding hills and hills. In addition to the vineyard and its cultivation, harvesting and pressing, and wine storage, the winegrower is tied to the whole year. "Grape picking" is a multi-day event held at the end of September, and its main intention is to nurture the traditional customs of Hrvatsko Zagorje related to grape harvesting and processing and to show and promote the traditional culture of our region. The event has a 50-year tradition, and it hosts extremely well-attended cultural, sports, eno-gastronomic, children's and entertainment events.

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