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Advent in Karlovac

Food & wine - Gastro tour


Every world Advent fair hides some magic, and Advent in Karlovac is the magic of meeting! It is an encounter with tradition, with the city, with the people of Karlovac! Meeting dear friends, a walk in the hope that we will meet someone, or just a curious tour of Advent in Karlovac, will create magic just for you!

We like to brag that Advent in Karlovac is the richest in the diversity of programs and number of performers, that it has the most original Christmas village in the wider area, that it is the warmest Advent fair regardless of snow and frost, and it is up to you to check how subjective we are.

As you slowly walk along the Karlovac promenade, it will seem to you that ladies and gentlemen were walking in the same footsteps while the tree-lined avenue was still young and for a moment you might see the shadow of one of them. The sound of a song from the Music Pavilion will draw you to the center of events, and the scents of traditional cuisine will spin you in a vicious circle from which you will have no desire to get out. Colorful gifts, playful candles, and cheerful smiles will help make the world, at least for a moment, a carefree and happy place. And so be it!

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